About us

With over 25 years of experience in the building trade, both domestic and commercial, we might be stretching the truth a bit by suggesting that we are a thing of great beauty. We do, however, know one when we see one and the Milagro LED lights we stock really are sublime.

The fittings themselves are sleek, stylish and contemporary but it’s the light they give off that really sets them head and shoulders above others. Instant, crisp, clear illumination that inspires in its purity, lifting an existing space or making a clear statement in adding the finishing touch to a new project.

What’s more, being LED means that they give off next to no heat, using up to 90% less energy than conventional light fittings, which is good for your pocket and good for our planet.

You can choose from our large selection of beautifully designed and crafted LED lighting systems via our simple to use website. We do understand, however, that you may have questions you’d like answered by talking to someone directly so please don’t hesitate to call us on……


We've six Milagro LED lights in our refurbished office and the effect on staff morale and productivity, especially in the winter months, has been marked.

K. Rose, Roehampton

Customer Service from the guys at Sublime Lighting has been excellent. Lamp arrived in poor condition (damaged in transit) and replacement arrived on my doorstep within 48 hours. No fuss, no quibble. I'll do business with them again.

Andrew Gordon, Hants

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